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By 17 April 2016
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Iki, it is a traditional aesthetic ideal in Japan.
Iki is an expression of simplicity, sophistication, spontaneity and originality. It is ephemeral, romantic, direct, measured, bold, brilliant and unconscious.
Iki is not overly refined, sophisticated, complicated, flashy, skillful, flirty or generally cute. At the same time, the iki can exhibit any of these traits in a brilliant way, direct and impassive.


In this new chapter, it all starts with a sequence of “noisy” images representing situations and particular location with a presence of a character unknown to us. Following the title IKI, it starts the story transporting DeLord from one city to another as if access to a GATE (a simple train station) can take us where we want. The time is not respected and it is not intentionally justified, some of the actions are not sequential order not to block the viewer to the story itself, but to make him savor a world and a totally different culture through gestures and everyday life simple and spontaneous returns as the tradition of iki.


soon available!

 Photo by Mattia Rissone TIA & Christian Carlino DeLord


soon available!


Copyright year and holder: Copyright 2016 Christian Carlino DeLord | Mattia Rissone TIA

Download now the single from the DeLord Official Store

Download now the single from the TIA Official Store


Maya Murofushi
Kilian Rissone

Producer: Christian Carlino DELORD – Mattia Rissone TIA
Music Producer: Christian Carlino DELORD – Mattia Rissone TIA

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