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ITSUKA means “one day” because “I do not know what it is or where it is and when there is, one day or the other, one life or another”.


Aya is at home and while reading a book receives a message on his smartphone. Who writes them is Chen, who sends this message “I would like to meet you again …”. She is really happy and invites him to drink a cup of tea the next day.

Chen comes and plays at the doorbell, and Aya opens the door dressed with the traditional Japanese kimono. Chen remains entranced.
They sit and while they start chatting, savoring a cup of Japanese tea enjoyed in Italy.

Aya sits at his piano, he wants to play something for Chen. He listens and looks at her: she is so beautiful and delicate. He gets up and decides to sit accanta her as she plays piano. He takes her hand and holding it tightly to himself begins to stare intently into my eyes …


Photo by Mattia Rissone TIA & Christian Carlino DeLord



Copyright year and holder: Copyright 2015 Christian Carlino DeLord | Mattia Rissone TIA

DELORD – ITSUKA Official Music Video

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Aya Shimotani
Shayne Witoon Chuisaeng

Producer: Christian Carlino DeLord – Mattia Rissone TIA
Music Producer: Christian Carlino DeLord – Mattia Rissone TIA

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