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MICHI = Japanese synonymous with the word “path.” It means “goes along”, “you will travel” or “you are on.”
It also has another meaning in Kanji, also means “unknown”, “strange roads.”


Aya leaves the house and explore the center of Parma strolling through the typical streets and squares of the city. It ‘a beautiful summer day.
Chen meanwhile, is resting in Peace Square, looking for the right inspiration for his Moleskine, which is developing the design of the profile of the Verdi Monument in front of him.
Aya arrives in Peace Square. When he sees the Verdi Monument remains totally affected and remains to admire it. Chen notes and recognizes Aya, turns the page of his Moleskine and draws a portrait of her. When he finishes he gets up and walks over to Aya. You see it, he recognizes it, and it remains enchanted. He looks into her eyes and gives the page with his picture. She looks at him and is still more enchanted. Aya and Chen decided to take a walk in the enchanting Garden Ducale in Parma.
After the walk they are hungry and decide to taste some typical product of Emilian cuisine.


Photo by Mattia Rissone TIA & Christian Carlino DeLord



Copyright year and holder: Copyright 2015 Christian Carlino DeLord | Mattia Rissone TIA

DELORD – MICHI Official Music Video

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Aya Shimotani
Shayne Witoon Chuisaeng

Producer: Christian Carlino DeLord – Mattia Rissone TIA
Music Producer: Christian Carlino DeLord – Mattia Rissone TIA

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